Thursday, 28 November 2013

Christmas Tree

I decided to make a baby quilt as my new project....till I realised that Christmas is around the corner and I haven't made one single thing with a Christmas theme. With this motivation, I came up with this little Christmas tree.

This is my first attempt to design a pattern. It was fun and easy and I like the way it looks. The size of the block is 15cmx18cm. Now, all I need to work out is how much fabric I need- and I have no idea about how to calculate it. 

What to do with this? A couple of pillows, a table runner, a small wall hanging?

I will give it a go and make this block. If everything works well, I might even attempt to write a short tutorial :-)

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Gift Tote Bag

Dear hubby returned home the other day and I immediately dragged him out to buy an iron. I- sorry he- chose this babe. It is a simple iron but very effective at opening creases. Also, it has a nice, pointy nose which easily irons your seams open. Love it!

It was one of my good friends' daughter's first birthday a couple of weeks ago, which I forgot.  I bought her a series of Dr Seuss books as a gift when we went out to buy the iron. Last night, I remembered that I had some beautiful Dr Seuss fabric I bought last year just because I am a fan of him. It was waiting for a cute project to be used. Sooo, I whipped this cute tote bag up as a second gift.

I quilted the bag with a loopy pattern- not very visible in the photo.

It couldn't have been better than this. :)

And because my husband knows my love for quilting and anything related to quilting, he got me this as a gift!

This is a brand new magazine which is released in the UK. I have seen it on some American quilting blogs too. I looked for it here but wasn't able to find it. I think it takes looong for it to come to Down Under :) 
Losing myself among the pages of this magazine at nights with a cup of tea is my new way of relaxing. I can't ask for more. 

Saturday, 23 November 2013

The Circles

My iron bit the dust yesterday unexpectedly-and almost caused a fire! Now I have to wait until my hubby returns from oversees to buy a new iron- thank God he is coming tomorrow. Ask why? Because just last week he said that we needed a new iron and that he was going to choose it this time!!! Because he does all the ironing in this house-noot! Ok, he irons his shirts.
Since I don't like sewing without ironing my seams, I have to take a short break from quilting-a very short one.

In the mean time, check out my Circles quilt. I made this as a gift for a friend's daughter's first birthday a couple of months ago. The pattern is from the gorgeous Allison Harris of  Cluck Cluck Sew. She has this pattern in her book "Growing Up Modern" as well; in the book it is Jack and Jill. I used the measurements on her blog for the circles due to the size of my scraps and the design in her book. I think I couldn't quite adjust the measurements of the borders, hence I ended up with half pieces on either sides. At least I am consistent LOL.

See the half red pieces on the sides? :)

I did free motion swirls in the circles and a basic meandering on the rest of the quilt.

A red binding finished off the quilt so well.

I had so much fun with making this quilt. You can make it as scrappy as you like or just stick to a few colour combinations. Either way, I am sure you will have fun along the way.

Thursday, 21 November 2013

The Chevron Quilt

Hi everybody! Welcome to my blog! I haven't finished customising it yet but I just can't wait any longer. I am super excited to publish my very first post!

I am yet to decide what project(s) I will start. In the mean time, I want to share with you this gorgeous chevron quilt I made a few months ago. Aren't the colours just so bright and fun?

I have used a charm pack from Kona solids- I think it is Classic Palette, a white charm pack from Bella solids, and for the borders I have used purple and chartreuse from Bella.

The backing fabric is Bungle Jungle from Moda Fabrics.

I have done straight stitching on the chevron pattern and a simple meandering on the borders.

I hope you enjoy this quilt as much as I do. Now I am back to my fabric stash to choose my next project!