Wednesday, 2 December 2015


Hello all!!
My name is Johanna Beren. I meant to introduce myself to you earlier but my mummy keeps me so busy all the time. She either feeds me or changes my nappy, or plays with me...But I enjoy it a lot :-)
I turned five weeks yesterday and growing so fast which my mummy is not very happy about. She says "I wish you stayed this little so I enjoy soaking in your newborn smell forever". I told her we would have years together and would have so much fun. She is an emotional mother, you know...
Ok, now it's mummy's turn to talk; it's been a while since she was around. You will see me more often from now on. Take care!

Hi all!
As my girl said, it has been a while since I was here. Let me quickly tell you what I have been doing, besides having fun with this little lady!
I was lucky enough to have an easier and quicker birth this time. I healed very quickly and turned back to my daily routine. Actually, I was up and running as soon as after we came home from the hospital. This meant, I got back to my sewing pretty quickly. I will come to that a little later.
We are still busily preparing for our big move to Argentina. DH is trying to finish the work in our yard, I am going through clothes, kitchenware, etc and deciding what is staying here and what is going with us. We have only three months left in Australia; as the time passes, my excitement is growing more and more. I feel good about it.
I have done something crazy to add on top of what I already have in my plate. I enrolled in an online undergraduate program, Communication Design, at Swinburne University! I will have three years for myself in Argentine and I want to spend it wisely. This will allow me to change my career when we return and hopefully find a job I will enjoy doing every day. The course has already started; currently, I am studying 20th Century Design which is about modernism. This unit has made me understand what modernism is and how it is applied to our everyday life (including quilting, believe it or not!).
I am back to teaching Turkish too. My student wants to fully utilise me before I leave.
I will also be back to the Spanish classes soon and will continue learning with a private tutor when we get there.

When I was expecting my girl I started an improv quilt using my scraps and a jelly roll which was sitting on the shelf for the last four years. I have made some good progress on it; it is now a baby size. I just can't decide whether to keep it at baby size or just continue growing it. I still have so many pieces I can use- I mean sooo many. Each time I look at them I say to myself "What was I thinking!!" But, this project kept me sane during the last weeks of the pregnancy. I think I just cut and cut and cut, sew and sew and sew. I remember it was like therapy.  Here is a photo of one of the panels I put together. 
Now, if you follow me on IG, you heard the BIG news already. 
I am a proud owner of a Juki TL2010Q!!! She was my Christmas wish for last year but Santa didn't accept it. I must have been a very good girl this year so Santa decided to deliver my wish a month early LOL The best thing was that I didn't know about this until it appeared on my door step!
I received her last Saturday and finally today the power converter arrived- 2010Q is not available in Australia so I need a converter. I have a hot date with this baby once the kids go to bed tonight!!

So, these are the latest news. Hope you are all doing well and getting ready for the festive season.
 Sibling love!