Thursday, 20 February 2014

Improvised quilt back

I haven't been able to do much sewing since I posted the laptop case. I have had a constant headache. I got my eyes checked two weeks ago because it is where the pain starts. It was confirmed that I needed a new pair of glasses. After waiting for a week for my glasses to be ready, I put them on at the optometrist and said to the girl that they didn't feel right. Of course I was told that my eyes needed some time to adjust to the new lenses; like a week or two. Since then I have been waiting, waiting...but no, they are definitely too strong for my eyes. I try to keep them on but they make me feel sick after the first minute. Until I pay another visit to the optometrist I have to keep taking pain killers...
In the mean time, I managed to sew an improvised quilt back for my baby bow ties quilt. I used these fabrics on the quilt as well. I feel like the more I try to use them up, the more they multiply. Needles to say I still have some leftovers but I hid them away...

Please excuse the bad quality photo. I took it with my phone after I finished it late at night.
I got quite confused when I first started to sew the pieces together but once I worked it out, it formed very quickly. I think it will look great once it is bound and finished.
I showed it to my husband and asked him very enthusiastically what he thought about it. He looked at it and said "are you happy with this?" I said "yes!" He said "ok then", and he continued ironing his shirt. The summary of this is: boys will never get it...

Do you like improvising? What things have you sewn with this technique? Please don't forget to leave a comment. For a blogger, there is nothing sweeter than finding a comment in her mailbox! :)
Happy sewing!


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