Thursday, 6 March 2014

A very special quilt

It's been long since I last posted. I haven't done much during this time, still waiting for my new glasses to arrive and on top of that, this is what my walking foot looks like...sweet.
It had been making a funny noise, leaving some black dust behind while sewing and the sewing wasn't flowing nicely. I decided to have a look thinking maybe it needed some lubricating. I undid the screws- fine up until here- and with just one little touch...the whole thing fell apart and I can't put the damn thing back together. I stopped searching for the same one on the internet. I will call Singer tomorrow. I half quilted my bow ties quilt with straight stitches by using a normal foot- disaster. I am also so sick of seeing that quilt- that's what happens when I don't finish a project quickly.

Since I don't have anything new to show you, I want to share a very special quilt with you today: my very first quilt.
I made this quilt when I was expecting my son and this is how I started quilting. The pattern is from the Moda Bake Shop. I even remember that their fabric choice was terrible! I chose bright colours and even added colourful corners to it. I used heat and bond for the letters and once I ironed them on, I did zig-zag stitching around them to make them last longer. I quilted it with a loop-to-loop pattern and how brave I was that I did free-motion quilting on my very first quilt!

We used it for tummy time.
Only one month old.
We used it for nappy changes- no photo for this one :) We used it as a picnic rug.
He was ten months here :)
We used it for everything and my little man is still enjoying it. It is so nice to see that something I have made is used and enjoyed like this.
 21 months now and still growing :)

 I hope you have a nice start to March. 

Happy sewing!

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