Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Finding the sewing mojo

After having quite emotional days, I have been feeling a little more relaxed and less stressed these days. I am trying not to worry about everything- at least not all at the same time :) and I am embracing the people I love around me.

Feeling better definitely helps me get my sewing mojo back. I have been sewing bit by bit. First of all, I finished the name tag for the secret name tag swap at my local quilt guild. We will exchange the name tags on Thursday night at the guild's meeting. I look forward to seeing what others made and dying to find out whether my secret partner will like what I designed for her. Oh, yes I will receive one too! Once we have the meeting, I will share the photos of what I received and what I designed for my partner.

Since I don't feel ready to commit for a big project like a quilt,  I decided to make small projects for a while. They are quick and definitely make you feel better because you feel the satisfaction of accomplishing something. So, I have sewed a few cute pincushions like these:
I have already had the pinwheel centres from my- yes, the one and only quilt I have been dragging around, the bowties! So I just sewed some matching fabric around them. It was fast and easy and I love making them. They measure 11cmx11cm, approximately 4.5 inches.

I have also made a mug rug this afternoon. I tried the famous"quilt as you go" method. It was easy, fast and fun. The fabrics are from the Umbrella Prints' trimmings I purchased last year. Used up, gone, good!
Don't you envy my photography skills?
And here is the back.
I used neutral colours from the same trimmings package. These colours are my friend Tash's favourites and she says the colours on the front are very "Nurdan" :-)

Better go to bed now; tomorrow is a work day. The winter is around the corner already and I don't like getting up early in the dark!

What have you been sewing? Do you enjoy small projects too? Please don't forget to leave a comment and feel free to share the photos of your projects with me. Just shoot me an email at hugabitquilts@gmail.com. I would be more than happy to share them on my blog!

Till  next time, happy sewing!


  1. Glad you are feeling some better. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a sweet comment. Your pincushions are just perfect! And the mug rugs are wonderful as well. Great finishes, I love them!

    1. Thank you Christine. I had been looking for you since you last posted and just didn't want to leave without leaving a comment. I hope to see your creations more often. I hope you feel better soon too. Take care. xxx


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