Wednesday, 18 June 2014

(Trouble) shooting triangles

I bought some lovely fat quarters late last year when Craftsy was offering some great discount. Ten or so days ago, I chose twelve of them and cut them into triangles to make-this time for myself-a nice lap size quilt.
According to my quilty math, which I did for the first time!, these 230 triangles were going to make a 60"x72" quilt. But,,,my perfect quilty math didn't calculate the shrinkage once they were sewn!! Arrrghh, so annoyed!!
I had to turn it into-sort of-a square to be able to make a sensible size because it was going to be a long and very skinny quilt if I went ahead with a rectangular layout.
It shrinks a lot once they are sewn!
Anyways, I started sewing them. The pointy ends in the first three rows matched beautifully but- don't know what I did differently-the following two rows just don't match and it is driving me insane!
No stretching, they were all cut the same size, same seam allowance...Why oh why don't you guys just behave???
These not matching points and the size-44"x58"-really put me off finishing this quilt.

What should I do guys? Should I sew all the triangles into rows, then undo the ones that don't play nicely and adjust the seam allowances? Even the idea of undoing the stitches has gotten me tired!
Hit me with your best suggestions!

Before I forget, I want to thank you all who stopped by to leave a comment to my blog hop post. I also want to welcome all my new followers. Your support encourages me to continue harassing my husband to let me buy more fabric. Love you all!
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  1. Well, lots of options here, I think. This quilt is for you, so if you can envision having it quilted and in use and not bothering you, I'd move on. If it is going to bug you for the rest of time, I would suggest figuring out the amount of seam ripping that you want to do. Any chance you could throw in vertical stripes every so often to offset the misalignment? It would mean more row ripping, but it would also add to the length of the quilt. Good luck whatever you decide!!

    1. Adding rows is a good idea Yvonne! Thank you! But it also means buying more fabric- just trying to use up my stash. Arrggghhh...

  2. I agree with Yvonne, add some rows so the points don't have to match, and it will make it bigger too.

  3. The small amount of time it will take to fix it now is minimal compared to the agro this will cause you for the rest of your life together!!

  4. You were probably switching directions while putting the tringles together. You should have checked some tuts prior your cutting as if you had one point off they line up perfectly with no hassle. Check what I mean here for next time maybe? I have no idea how to make it work in this stage, sorry.

  5. My first triangle quilt was a disaster but in the end, I still loved it!

  6. Hahaha I'm a new follower from the hop. Glad we're helping you out with hubs!


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