Monday 6 October 2014

Monday Makers! #7

Hi all!

What a busy week it had been for me! I totally forgot that today is Monday Makers!
Remember the small jewellery business, Aegean Treasures, I set up? Yes? The Old Bus Depot Markets yesterday (Sunday) was a test run for the business! It was a big success but all the preps at home got me quite exhausted.

So, I applied to become a stall holder at this market a week before the actual market day and got accepted last Wednesday. This gave me plenty of time to prepare all my packaging, finish all the bits and pieces like buying a table cover, jewellery displays, a mirror, etc. Well, only if I didn't have the habit of leaving everything till the last moment. Having said that, I did lots for my business before I came to this stage of actually making boxes, placing the jewellery inside, attaching the price tags, etc. All the calculations, coming up with a sensible price, and calculating again..I did all these one hour every night or at least the nights I didn't fall asleep next to my son while putting him to bed- quite rare.
Here is how my rush began. I started assembling the boxes and their lids on Saturday thinking I could do everything in an hour or so-noo! I never thought it would take hours! Then, an hour before all the shops closed, I realised I didn't organise a table cover, nor a mirror, nor price tags...Gahh, off we went to do some shopping, rush rush rush, come home, continue assembling. To cut it short, it was past midnight and I was still writing prices on the tags and attaching them to the jewellery and boxing them. Oh, that night, we switched to summer day light saving and I was automatically one more hour late. Anyway, I managed to finish everything and squeezed in some sleep too. We loaded the car in the morning and went to the markets to set up my stall. I was so excited by the look of my stall in the end; it made me forget about all the rush and exhaustion. I must say that I will take my husband's advice from now on- he had warned me all about this rush earlier but I was too proud to listen-doh!
All this beautiful jewellery is handmade and the name of the technique is called “Igne Oyasi” means “needle lace embroidery” in Turkish. It is one of the most beautiful and ancient lace forms in existence. Traditionally, the lace was made by Turkish women to adorn the linens for their daughter’s wedding gowns, but today it is used as an embellishment for knitwear, clothing and household goods, as well as for earrings, necklaces, and belts. I will give you more information about Igne Oyasi in future.
I am so proud to be introducing a part of my culture to the world!

I will have more time to do some quilting this week. I promise I will have a project for the next Monday Makers! too!
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  1. What an experience that must have been!

  2. Talk about eye candy - your jewellery is gorgeous - it looks like it was made with coloured beads but from your post I think it's actually (cotton?) handmade lace - WOW!

    I had to laugh about your timing, though - running short of time and then losing an hour to Daylight Savings Time - LOL!! We're going to gain an hour here, in just under a month :D

  3. Glad things ended up well for you. Everything looks very pretty!

  4. I love your necklaces! I think I need one :)


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