Monday, 5 January 2015

Monday Makers! #20

Another week, another Monday Makers! Here are just a couple of photos of a small part of our yard work; building a Mediterranean garden. This is my project but of course hubby is helping me with building things. Our apple trees will be planted in that boxed area in the first picture-it is now boxed; the second picture is where the stairs to the garden will be. We have made some more progress since I took these photos yesterday lunch time. We have been working very hard to finish our yard but it is impossible to work continuously due to super hot temperatures. Taking regular short breaks and drinking lots of water help a lot.
Since our yard is the priority, there is not much quilting happening here unfortunately. And when it does, it doesn't necessarily go in the way I want...
This is what I did initially on my modern Christmas trees quilt and sort of liked it even though the triangle wasn't great. Then I continued adding straight lines but just didn't like how they looked all together. Also, my machine is skipping stitches and it is not fun to stop and rip those stitches and do it all over again- I mean every two minutes! 
So, I am going for FMQ pebbles. Interestingly enough, my machine doesn't skip one single stitch when doing FMQ.
To be honest, this was my initial plan for quilting this project. I changed my mind to matchstick quilting because I quite liked Jacquie Gering's quilt quilted with straight lines and sort of felt like I had to do the same. This is what I have been feeling lately; I have to do particular things in a particular way or only use the colours that others use, etc. So silly. I should do whatever design I like, use whatever colours I prefer. Forcing myself into something that I am not puts me under an unnecessary pressure and I don't like it. I will certainly change this.
Now to Monday Makers!
I have been thinking about doing some other sewing projects (like I have enough time to squeeze in other projects while I can't even finish the ones I have started). I used to sew pants and skirts for myself when I was in Turkey. I picked up this Burda pattern- I also just discovered that these patterns are sold at my Lincraft! I will try the white blouse.
If you have any finishes from last week and new projects you are starting, please share them with me. 
1. Your project can be anything you start on that Monday as long as it makes you move and be active and creative: a new quilt, a knitting project, scrap booking, cross-stitching, baking-we don't mind yummy recipes!, a gardening project, painting your house!, tidying up the pantry!...This is your Monday and you are the maker of the day!
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  1. I really like how the pebbles are looking on the Christmas Trees quilt! What an interesting lesson to learn to go with your heart and instincts. Your yard is really starting to come together, too. Glad you are taking lots of water breaks! I'll link up when my post for Monday goes live in the morning (for me)! :)

  2. I made the linky with 18 minutes to spare - that's not even my closest time, LOL! Just a bit of a slow start to my sewing projects - probably because it's so darn cold here - tomorrow it's going to be between -25C and -30C with the windchill ... and I'm supposed to go to Aquafitness in the morning. Something tells me it's going to be a chilly run from the pool back to the car when we've just been in a heated pool - YIKES! :D I feel for you on the stitch ripping - BTDT - but I'm loving the pebbles design! Make sure you take it easy during the yard renovation - that's hard work!

  3. I love the pebbles, it's looking great!


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