Monday, 17 August 2015

Monday Makers!#50 and a personal update (Warning: a loong post)

Hiya all! Hope you had a fantastic week/end and your Monday is chugging along nicely too.

Today I want to use this space to update /remind myself how things are going in my life. Seeing everything written in front of me somehow makes me feel accomplished more. If you are interested, keep reading; you might find something among the lines that you also relate to. If not, that's totally fine, just scroll down the page and find the Monday Makers! link open for you to share your beautiful finishes and fresh starts.

It has been two weeks since we returned from our big trip. What did I do during those weeks, or I should say what have I been doing since I returned? It is almost all the time cleaning/doing laundry stuff -I mean mountains of washing I have done and more to wash-, tidying up, trying to rest, little sewing *sigh*, studying Spanish, preparing for my Turkish language teaching classes- this is something I haven't told you, I will come to it, some sleep at nights- if I can due to my growing belly...Pfff, I felt tired while reading what I have written...

Over the years, we have accumulated so much stuff that we always promised ourselves "we will go through them and part with some that we don't need anymore." Being great procrastinators, we got to a point where in every cupboard or drawer we find something either unwanted or not needed anymore. We finally bit the bullet and started going through the whole house-me- and the garage-hubby. You can't believe, even I can't believe, how much stuff we have already gotten rid of. Decluttering brings cleaning along too. The more you clean the more you want to make room in your house; the more you declutter the more space you have to clean. This is a vicious cycle which I hope will end soon!

Our language training has started. Since we returned, I am attending the classes in the mornings for three hours and going to work in the afternoons. The great thing about this is, when I come home, the dinner is ready! (Hubby is free in the afternoons.) By language training, I mean, I sit down and listen and try to grasp as much as I can. I thought this wouldn't be a very effective way of learning but I now can understand almost everything my husband and the tutor are discussing. After having dinner, I try to spend at least half an hour to do my own Spanish study to support the day class. I once stressed about this but now I am more relaxed because I know I can do it.
I have only 14 afternoons left at work, then I will be on maternity leave. Don't get me wrong, I am not counting the days (minutes?)! Then, I have more time to relax and enjoy the calm before the storm hahahah :D

Just before I left for our holiday, out of the blue, a language school from Melbourne contacted me saying there was a lady in Canberra who wanted to learn Turkish and whether I would be interested in teaching her. I was going to say no because who wants one more responsibility in the list of priorities-that is quite long, trust me..But then I said, this is an opportunity that found me, I haven't done anything for this, so I will accept it and did. Teaching English is my profession in the end and I can very well teach Turkish too. The first class last week was a big success and  I have enjoyed it a lot. My student was very happy and satisfied too and hopefully it will continue this way. (I must admit that I was a little nervous before the class as I haven't taught for six years but once I started I didn't want to stop hahaha :)

Let's talk about quilting...
Just before I left, I left my machine for servicing. While I am not able sew, I might as well get her serviced, yes? It was her first time in five years! It didn't have any real issues causing me trouble but the needle and bobbin timing was a little off and also my stitches were coming like wide-angled zigzags. I touched her for the first time the other night and I can't tell how excited I was! (This sounds a little naughty!) She was running perfectly and all her problems were fixed. She is  much smoother now and I noticed while FMQing my son's quilt that she is handling corners and circles better. I have made some good progress on his quilt last Sunday. I am hoping to finish it soon and start a baby quilt for my little bundle.
Having mentioned about my son's quilt, my son is back to child care full time now but he is struggling a little bit to adjust. His best mate moved to France and my son is now finding excuses every morning for not going to school. The best one he came up with so far is that "childcare is dangerous for little boys." Once we drop him off, he is totally fine, but he is waiting for the day that his mate will return from "holidays"...This breaks my heart...Besides dealing with the absence of his mate, he is doing great and waiting for his little baby sister/brother to arrive. He says he has plans for the baby. Ummmm???

I am 31 weeks today and feeling like a whale. Daily chores are getting harder and harder and I am still hopeful that I will finish all the cleaning/decluttering and finish my current quilting projects and make more. Needless to say I am struggling to reach the sewing machine, my arms have to grow a little more!

Woohh!! I have written a novel!! But feels great! I can probably write more but this should suffice for the moment.
If you have read all the way until here, I thank you very much for your kindness! LOL Seriously, I appreciate you chose to spend your valuable time to read about my past two weeks and current schedule.
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  1. I hear you. You have such a full life right now, and your attention is so divided. It resonates with me this morning after a night awake thinking about my own life's changes that have come about so abruptly. I suppose we chalk it up to our roles as mothers, caregivers, crafters, etc. I send you warm light for peace in your life, if even for just a tiny bit, and a rest to your dear son's anxiety about daycare. May your week go better than you expect.

    Julie @ Pink Doxies

  2. I am amazed by all that you have going on, Nurdan, and it is awesome that you are finding time to sew and quilt among all the preparations for moving. I am so glad you had a safe trip and I hope that things continue to go really well for you. :)

  3. I'm glad you had a great trip. I send good thoughts that you can continue to keep up with your busy schedule :)

  4. I loved following your trip and I know what you mean about the decluttering/cleaning cycle. Seems to never end. Exciting days in store though and well done for taking on the teaching opportunity!


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