Monday, 21 September 2015

Trying to stitch a few blocks

Hi all,
It has been a while since I posted a quilting related post except for the regular Monday Makers! posts.  Before I move onto updating you on what I have been trying to accomplish for a while, I want to let you know that Monday Makers! is taking a little break until after my baby is born. My subscription to Inlinkz has expired last week too-good timing. I have to say that I will miss seeing your projects. I thank you for your participation and support to Monday Makers! You guys are awesome!!

I am in my last weeks of pregnancy; only four weeks to go now unless my baby decides to stay in there until 42 weeks like my son. I am praying for this not to happen! Daily chores are getting harder and harder to do, sleep is almost impossible; therefore, I am always cranky, feeling tired know how it is; but all for a good reason lol.

You will remember the quilt I have been making for my son.
I made some progress on quilting it last week. I went to my quilty friend Monica's place (she is super talented, go check her IG!) to use her Sweet Sixteen to finish it. Well, I couldn't finish it because we kept on chatting, but I made some really good progress.
I just did freehand straight stitching on the stripy area with the same variegated thread, Superior King Tut, and I really like the texture and effect it has created. 
I had already finished quilting the grey negative space on my machine.
I have only this small area left to be quilted, then I will move to the binding business-God knows how long the binding will take!

I also managed to finish my July and August do.Good Stitches bee blocks-I know I am very late- and even started making the September one!
The theme was a super soft tulip for July and a super bright tulip for August with a low volume background.
 August tulip
July tulip
For September, our host wanted flying geese with a grey and orange combination. For this one, I decided to do something different than a normal, big flying geese block and did curved paper pieced geese for the first time. 
This block is 6.5"x6.5''. I am making another one to make it to 12.5"x6.5". So far, I really like it and enjoy making it.

I need some technical help. My photos look fuzzy once I upload them to the post. This has been the case for a while. If anyone has an idea about the reason and has a solution for it, can you please share it with me? I really appreciate it. Thank you!

So my friends, here is a quick update from me. I am going very slow here, with everything. I hope to be able to post again soon but can't promise anything to myself at the moment!

Stay well,


  1. Oh, the last weeks of pregnancy! No envy here. I think your son's quilt is just lovely, and full of color and little boy appeal. Good luck on both finishes coming up.

    As for pictures, everything depends on what program you are uploading your photos onto, resolutions, etc. My advice would be to talk to someone locally who could actually sit with you and watch your process. There are so, so many variables.

    I'll be thinking of you these next few weeks.


  2. All the best in these last few weeks of pregnancy. I hope you don't go more than two weeks. The end isn't exactly a comfortable part of pregnancy!! Can't wait to hear about your newest family member. :-)

  3. Your son's quilt is coming along beautifully. :)

    It could be that you are uploading your photos at very large resolution and your blog is resizing them to fit into your post, which compresses them and causes them to look fuzzy. I would suggest resizing your images to 700 px wide (or there abouts) and uploading when they are smaller. I hope that helps!

  4. Ooo! I feel for you in these last few weeks of pregnancy. Hope you can get some snatches of sleep/rest through each day. The quilt is looking great with the parallel quilted lines giving interesting texture.

  5. It is good to have something keeping you busy in those last weeks. I thought my last weeks lasted forever, but now I think times fly and I am waiting for grandchildres. (Let my daugthers do the work!!!) I love the quilt for your bow. So colorful! The quilting is so wel chosen. When we had such a quilt, I want to sleep under the stripes!!


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