Saturday, 19 July 2014

Sewing keeps me sane

I have been sewing late at nights for the last few days. I noticed it has helped me a lot with coping with the loss of my brother-in-law.
I finished two small projects a couple of days ago. I waited for a sunny day to take photos and today is the perfect day.
This is the July block for do.Good stitches Cherish circle. It is my turn this month so I chose this block made with an improv technique. You can find the tutorial here. The only thing I didn't follow in this tutorial is that I didn't use a foundation square. I have to say that I am in love with this block and am looking forward to receiving the blocks that other bee members make.
I realised that with each project I make with this technique, I am drawn to it more and more and my love for modern quilts grows. I also feel like I am now more certain about what I like and what I want to make.
I also finished the tote bag. It is fully lined. You can have a look how I quilted the panels here. It can stand by itself since I used utility fabric as the backing fabric when quilting. I made it quite big; I always carry lots of crap in my hand bag and this tote has lots of space to put more crap in. I quite like the green band I added and I adore the button! Looking forward to using it!
Bag stats:
Fabric: Michale Miller- Tweet birdie tweet
Width:12" bottom and 17" top
Hight: 14"
Depth: 4 "
Handles: 27"

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What projects did you manage to finish last week? Big or small, a quilt or a pin cushion?
Till next time,
Keep sewing!


  1. lovely block and lovely bag :) I confess, I am so very late with my CHERISH do good blocks :( I have now come down with a nasty cold :( but am hoping to spend some productive time in the sewing room tomorrow :)

  2. Love the bag. I only managed a small stuffed dachshund for a little girl I know, I find I need to concentrate more to sew and that is a little lacking right now. x

  3. Gorgeous bag! I love the green band too and the quilting is awesome. Thank you for linking up at TGIFF.

  4. Lovely do.Good stitches improv block. I know what you mean about sewing keeping you sane. Hang in there and so sorry for your family's loss.

  5. Oh I love the quilting on your bag! Such cute fabric too.

  6. Great to see your lovely looking blog!

    Sorry that you've had to deal with loss of your brother in law recently. I hope that you're finding support and comfort.


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