Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Back to sewing: New Wave

It's been almost a month since my last blog post; think it is time to write a new one ;-)

I had a very close friend from Turkey who stayed with us, so I wanted to spend as much time with her as I could. My friends don't visit me often so this time was well spent with her.
I have also been quite busy with preparing for opening a small business. Getting an ABN, opening up bank accounts, developing a business plan, logo design and lots of other things take a lot of time. I will be writing more about my business in the following weeks once my stock arrives- it is a jewellery business ;-)
Among all these busy days, I managed to do some sewing.
I made this cute purse for my Turkish friend as a farewell gift.
The pattern owner is a fellow quilter from my MQG. I made a couple of mistakes on the way so my purse turned out a little smaller than how it should have been; yet it is still very cute and definitely usable. You can buy the "Girlfriend's Wallet" at or
I also started a new quilt last weekend. I had these beautiful fabrics which I bought months ago without a project in mind. I had been looking for a pattern which would show the beauty of the fabrics. Elizabeth Hartman's "New Wave" is perfect for this purpose so I went ahead with it.
You will remember my archenemy triangles which stretched and caused me too much pain. This time I starched the hell out of these fabrics before I cut the tumblers; there is no stretching or whatsoever!  I finished sewing the sashing last night and laid my pieces on my design wall. I am very happy with how it looks so far. The colours are so bright and modern.
You can find the free tutorial for Elizabeth Hartman's "New Wave" here.

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What have you been working on lately? Have you been sewing or working on other things like me?
Till next time,


  1. Ohhhh, I love the fabrics you chose for the New Wave. So bright and happy!! :D

  2. Glad that you were enjoying a break and some time with a friend. The wallet is super cute! I think that your new quilt colors are warm and inviting, and you really can't go wrong with any of Elizabeth Hartman's patterns!

  3. I have made about three new wave quilts - one of the few patterns that really show off great fabrics and easy peasy to make as your fabric choices

  4. I haven't seen a new wave quilt before and I love how modern and fresh it looks - great fabric choice!

  5. Your color choice--and the progression you chose--is elegant.

  6. It looks great with those colors!

  7. I like your fabric placements in the New Wave quilt!

  8. Love the wallet colour! Glad you made it. Sorry for the lack of help I was when you had the trouble with the making.. And that is a lovely stack of fabrics1 Love the purples.

  9. I LOVE your wallet, the colors are so great too! The quilt is looking good!

  10. Great job Nurdan! I love all of your creations!


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