Monday, 2 February 2015

Monday Makers! #24

Hi all!
How was your week? Mine was pretty good! I made another baby size quilt top with the same pattern that I used to make the Sweet Darling quilt top. I won't be able to show you the quilt tops yet as these are for the introduction of a new pattern which will be released by the Fat Quarter Shop soon. The pattern is quite simple and fun to make. You can whip up a queen size quilt in a day!
I will buy some backing fabric tomorrow for both and will try to finish them as quickly as possible.
I used only solids for the second quilt.
I love these colours. They look so good together; especially on a quilt top :)
From both projects, I was left with 67 pieces of colourful, 4.5 inch triangles.
I am thinking about ways of using them. I came up with this placement after a ten minute play on the design wall.
I imagined a few lines like this floating on a solid base. There are many other designs you can make with triangles; I just don't know what to do. Would you mind sharing your suggestions with me? It doesn't have to be a quilt.

I also experimented cutting my son's hair yesterday. His hair was so long that I was able to make a decent length pony tail! So, after I gave him a bath, I sat him in front of me with his ipad, aka concomputer LOL, and got on with cutting. I normally trim my own hair so I didn't struggle with cutting his at all. 
Because I loved his hair long, I didn't cut it super short. This was his first ever hair cut and I am happy that I did it. I also kept some of his (baby) hair as memory. I need suggestions as to how to keep it; maybe sew a little pouch and keep the hair inside?

Now to Monday Makers!
Share with me what you did last week and what new projects you are starting today.
1. Your project can be anything you start on that Monday as long as it makes you move and be active and creative: a new quilt, a knitting project, scrap booking, cross-stitching, baking-we don't mind yummy recipes!, a gardening project, painting your house!, tidying up the pantry!...This is your Monday and you are the maker of the day!
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  1. I am glad to hear you had a good week! I was busy, too, and I hope to have a bit calmer time starting on Tuesday (I am traveling to visit in-laws). I like the layout you put on the design wall, that would be nice with different length drips, if you can envision what I am saying.

  2. I like Yvonne's idea of the triangles dripping down. Reminds me of the icicles at my window just now! I also spent the weekend doing baby quilts, coincidentally, and posted one WIP to your links. And you sweet boy's hair--I think of when started doing just the same 25 years ago. All 5 children and dh are still getting homemade haircuts. You gain skill as they grow, so it works out perfectly. Enjoy your time with him being a little guy.

    Julie @ Pink Doxies

  3. Love the colours of those solids - Yvonne's idea sounds great!

  4. Oh how funny - I was going to second Yvonne's idea, but now it seems I'm 4thing it instead, LOL! Colourful drips - adorable! I also thought that maybe the triangles could be used for HST's to make friendship stars - that's a simple but really pretty block :)

    Your little guy is a sweetie - I did haircuts for my boys too, but I had clippers and buzzed them --- bzzzzzzzzzzz bzzzzzzzzzz bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz :D They both keep their hair super short and usually buzz their own now as adults :)


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